Nathan has been with Hockey Concepts for about 2 years. I credit the team at Hockey Concepts for making the connections that enabled him to now be playing prep school hockey as well as being in competitive tournaments on a competitive team that attracts notice for the next step, ideally a starting place on a NAHL Junior hockey team. On his own, he could play in the same tournaments, but not for as good as teams, and would not be getting the same notice.

I was a doubter at first as I saw others getting the looks and the moves and nothing was happening for Nathan. I get that Nathan is a goalie and therefore it is not as easy as someone who plays out, but if it were easy, than I would not need Hockey Concepts. Nathan was finding offers on his own but still Chris said, “trust us and we will get him the right opportunity”. Well they did and the move we made seems to have been a good one. I am very happy with the education he is now getting at his new school and the new coach and play he is seeing with this team. We are looking forward to Nathan’s senior year and ideally the next big step after that. Thank you, Chris and thank you Hockey Concepts team.

 Susan Gauvin


 My son has been working with HOCKEY CONCEPTS (Chris Hills-Hockey Family Advisor) for just over a year in their NCAA Futures Program. We have been very pleased with the results so far, from the honest first assessment to the progress of the plan. All advice and feedback has been honest and accurate, and communication has been open and frequent.

My son has benefitted from the guidance that HOCKEY CONCEPTS, and Chris in particular, has provided. We look forward to another year working with them.

 Rick Rego


 Although we were admittedly hesitant to spend extra money in a sport that is already expensive, we remain convinced that it was our son’s affiliation with Hockey Concepts for family advising that presented him with the opportunity to take the “next step” in his hockey career. Over the past two years or so, Chris and Ean have been approachable and supportive. Our son has always felt comfortable communicating questions and concerns to them, and they were – ultimately -- able to guide him into what we believe will be a great fit for his junior hockey experience. Of course, it will always be up to our son to make the most of the opportunities he is given, but Hockey Concepts played a significant role in creating a wonderful one for him.

 Amy O'Neal